Create Courses

From the home page you can create a new course by clicking on + New Course. Fill the form in the modal and your new course will be added.

Add Course Presentation and Lessons

In the course page you can choose the Content tab and add a presentation of your course there. Thanks to summernote powerful editor, your course presentation can content well formated text, images, videos and more.

My Sukull allows you to structure your course in parts and lessons. In the Lessons tab you can create lessons (the left block) and ordonnate and structure those lessons hierachically (the right block)

Thanks to summernote editor again you can edit the lesson content with rich html5, just like course presentation

Create Assessments and Homeworks

In My sukull we have two kinds of tests. Homeworks which are simple exercises at the end of lessons and Assessments which are linked to the course itself.
Lets focus on assessments (since the process for homeworks is the same). To create an assessment go to the Assessments tab and click on + New Assessment and fill the form in the modal.

In the assessment page, choose the Content tab and meet our powerful question editor. You can add questions and group them by exercises. For each question you can specify the answers and explanation so each students could access that after they completed the question.

Add students

Once you set up your course content (course presentation, lessons, homeworks, assessments, ...) or before (the order is not that important here), you should add students to your courses. My sukull only support active students, so each student of your class should have a student account to access and interact with your course.
You can add students one by one or send them an enrollment by mail, that they will follow to enroll in the course.

If they have a student account, they will see course in their course list. If not they will be ask to create one using their email.

Animate the Forums

In My sukull each main element (course, lesson, homework, test) comes with a forum where you, your colleagues and the students and exchange.
To access the forum of a course for example go to the Discussion tab write your comment there. It will be visible by your students and colleagues.

Collect students answers

In the assessment or homework page you can access students answers to questions.
Click on the students tab to get access to the list of students. When you click on a student there a modal will open with the students details and answers to questions.

On top a the bottom you have a private chat and a place to upload files. The message exchanges and the files uploaded here will be visible only by teachers and the given student.

Get stats and draw charts

Once the assessment is completed, you can modify students marks and get interesting statistics in the Marks tab (in the assessment page). There you can draw any kind of charts using our powerful charts editor and save the charts as image.

What your students will see

When they enroll in your course (after login with their student account), your students could access your course content, follow the lessons and complete homeworks and assessments.
They could exchange together using the different forums, and with you in their private board.