My Sukull Features

Collect students assessements

Create assessments and let your students answer to the questions. My Sukull will collect the answers in one place, where you can evalute the students, give their scores and provide feedback.

Use the powerful question Editor

Create homeworks with multiple choice and simple answer questions. Provide answers and explanation to your questions. Students will then be able to automatically get their scores and explanations to questions where they failed.

Get stats and charts

When the assessment is completed and the scores are available, with the Excel like View you can get all kind of stats (percentage of success, percentage of A, ...) and charts on how your students perform on that test.

Organise your course content

Organise your course in parts, lessons and homeworks structured in a course plan. Students will follow the plan lesson after lesson and complete the homeworks. You could follow their progression and how they perform.

Collaborate with your colleagues

Invite your colleagues to collaborate in your course. They could then access the course content and students scores on assessments. Any modification made will be instanly visible by all collaborators.

Animate forums for Q/A sessions

Each element (Course, Lesson, Homework, Assessment) comes with a forum where students can ask questions and you or someone else (other students or your collaborators) can answer.